Thursday, October 9, 2008

West F*&king Virginia!

Damn! In the days after the McCain - Palin campaign have launched their most racist campaigns lines yet ("he's pallin' around with terrorists", "he doesn't see the country the way we see the country"), two huge polls have come out.

The first one I noticed was that Virginia had gone from "toss up" to "leaning Obama." This puts Obama over the magic 270 mark according to Real Clear Politics. That is just amazing because that means that Obama has only to keep the states where he is significantly ahead now, and does not need to get any new ones. In other words, even if McCain wins every "toss - up" state, he still loses.

But then I saw that West Virginia, a state that is almost designed to be vulnerable to the kinds of race baiting that McCain - Palin have launched, has moved into the toss - up category. And that's because the latest poll has Obama UP by 8 points. Wow!

And almost all of that movement has come in the last 2 weeks, the period in time when McCain Palin have been trying their best to make white, working class and poor people fear elitist, black, scary Obama. I guess the good people of West Virginia are smarter than McCain Palin think they are.


  1. Brian, I'm so glad you posted this.... let's hope that all of Appalaicha looks at McCain critically and coherently on election day.

  2. I don't know that a whole lot of critical thinking takes place in Appalachia.

    but the larger point I think is that accepting the Republican strategy requires that you really not pay attention to what they say. if you scratch below the surface their arguments come apart very, very quickly.