Friday, October 3, 2008

VP Debate: McCain's Big Gamble Comes Up Snake Eyes

I'm not sure which debate you were watching. But the one I saw showed two candidates who wanted to lead, two candidates with deep heart-felt ambition. But I only saw one candidate with command of the information and intellect to back up that ambition. Only one who will be able to participate honestly in the process. And only one candidate who would be able to, heaven forbid, lead a country in the extraordinarily turbulent period immediately after the loss of a president.

Remember that taking over the presidency after the elected president dies is NOT like taking over after an election and a transition period. It would be chaos. It would be emergency. It would require complete and total understanding of what needs to happen. Like him or not, Cheney was a perfect VP for Bush because he was an insider who was already working the levers of power. So if Bush did croak, the transition would have been seamless.

Palin would be a disaster as VP if she were needed to take the reins of power from McCain. She doesn't understand the essential functions of the federal government, and is certainly not able to reassure the country and the rest of the world that we are in good shape. On the other hand, Biden would be a perfect Cheney-like VP to Obama. He's knowledgeable, well known and respected by the movers and shakers in the government and completely dedicated to the Obama agenda. The rest of the world would see a smooth transition of power.

Both McCain and Obama have higher than normal risks of needing their VP (I cringe even while I type that). Their choice of running mates speak volumes of how much respect for the country they each have.

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