Monday, January 12, 2009

Changing the name

After such a long absence from posting, this next post is going to be really lame. The campaign is over, we won the election and Barack is going to be president in just a few days (eight to be exact).

So I guess that means that I should change the name of my blog to something else. I'm thinking "bitter and murky." This comes from the movie "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and Harold Perrineau. Baldwin's character is asked how he like is coffee. He responds, in Airplane fashion "I like my coffee like I like my women" Perrineau's character adds "bitter and murky." That sort of captures how I feel at the moment, but it's, hopefully, not a permanent condition. In any case, the quote is funny, so it could work.

Another possibility is to snag part of Pulp Fiction, and call the blog twentyfiveseventeen. That's a reference to my favorite quote from that movie, the Samuel L Jackson monologue about the bible passage Ezekiel 25:17. (Note: the movie passage is not exactly as it appears in the actual bible, a fact about which Quentin Tarantino may have some explaining to do when he reaches the hereafter. I think he hopes that God has a sense of humor. I guess we'll see...)

The third and final option comes from a consistent frustration that I had during the campaign. Some people kept saying that we should stop saying that Barack is black, since he is half white. As if being half white precludes someone from being black. The name that came from that frustration is halfwhite-allblack.

So, there it is. Three names: bitterandmurky, twentyfiveseventeen and halfwhite-allblack. Please express an opinion.


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  1. Definetly the pulp fiction quote even though I'm still pulling myself off the floor from laughter over the third option... What can I say aside from I'm almost proud of my country again... Hope all is well...

    Ricky T